Reconveyance / Recording

INCS offers a True Escrow and document storage service at no extra cost. Your original documents will be safely stored in fireproof files, onsite, for the life of the loan.

Our True Escrow Service allows both parties the peace of mind that their original documents are kept in a secure place and that the reconveyance or recording process will be handled by INCS upon the completion of the loan. If you are interested in learning more about our True Escrow service, click here. If you would like the form for this service you can find it under the “Open a New Account” tab or click here.

If you choose not to use our True Escrow service but would like us to hold your original documents during the loan, we will do so at no additional charge. Upon completion of the loan, we will simply close the account and return the originals to the lender. It will then be the lender’s responsibility to provide the borrower with all of the necessary documentation and instruction to have the lien removed or title transferred.

An account can be converted to a True Escrow at any point in the servicing by providing the completed form and the necessary original documents.

Click here for more information on INCS’ Reconveyance Procedures.