Privacy Policy

What Information do we collect?

  • We collect information when you establish a new account, make a payment, request a change to an existing account or submit comments or questions through our website or via email.
  • When an account is established, we often receive information from sources such as real estate agencies or escrow companies. Any information we request is necessary to accurately collect your loan; however, it also may contain information that you did not provide us, directly.
  • To establish a loan we request legal names, tax identification numbers, bank account information, and contact information, such as: addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

How do we use that information?

We use the information collected at the beginning and throughout the life of your account to do the following:

  • As an identifier when you call. As an example, before giving personal information over the phone, you will be asked to verify the last portion of your tax id number, to ensure your identity.
  • To allow us to better serve you when responding to your customer service requests.
  • To notify you of account status, important dates, policy changes, problems, and company announcements.
  • To process bank debits and credits, with your knowledge and signed approval.
  • To aid in the transfer of title or removal of a security lien.
  • To report the annual interest earned/credited, to the IRS, per Federal Income Tax regulations.

How do we protect our client’s information?

We have established a variety of safety measures to keep your personal information protected. All contact information, bank codes, account numbers and tax ID numbers are stored on our protected server, with a very limited number of individuals who have access to such files.

Email Policy – Emails sent from INCS or received from you are not secure. We will not send bank information or tax ID information via email to our clients or authorized third parties. If you wish to update us with information via email, it is at your risk and liability. INCS is not responsible for the security of the email received by this office.

Internet Policy – Our online account inquiry is password protected and is a read only page. Changes cannot be made through this website and it does not display banking or tax id information. Names and addresses will be displayed on the account history and will be visible to any party with an established password. Our “Contact Us” form is transmitted via email. Please refer to the above email policy.

Phone Policy – For your security, we do not accept personal information changes over the phone. If you need to update your disbursement information, ACH information, address, email, and/or phone you will need to submit the information in writing and include a signature. If your email address contains your name or has been verified by INCS, you may submit changes via email without a signature. Please refer to the email policy before sending.

To securely transmit information, it is recommended that you either mail the request to our postal address, deliver it in person, or fax it to our office.

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are shared with the other contractual party and their assigned, successors, or heirs. Since INCS cannot be involved in the preparation or modification of contractual documents, we provide this information directly to the parties to facilitate such communication. If you have certain information that you would like us to have, but do not want us to share with the other party, please make sure we are notified so that we may respect your request.
  • Any information that is provided to a third party, from INCS, is for the sole purpose of performing the services authorized when establishing an account, as outlined in our Policies and Procedures.
  • INCS does share information with government offices, law enforcement and other authorized legal professional when requested by legal means, such as in the case of a subpoena or court order. INCS also retains the right to share information with the above stated officials without legal documentation if we suspect that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or report potentially illegal or immoral activity.
  • INCS does display third party links on our website. These links can be used for additional information. We do not verify their content nor do we take responsibility for information that other websites may obtain from you or your search. If you use one of these sites, please refer to their privacy policy.
  • INCS uses your personal information as needed to service your account. It will not be sold or shared for purposes not intended.


Any changes made to our privacy policy will be posted to our website. Last updated 1/1/15.