Payment Options

Pay By Mail: (No fee) Make checks payable to INCS, 1204 Cleveland Ave, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.  Write your account number on your check.  INCS does not accept credit cards, debit cards or cash.
Automatic Electronic Payments from your Bank Account Initiated through INCS: (No fee) To establish Electronic Payments, mail or fax the Authorization form to our office. Automatic Recurring Payment Buyers ACH Authorization Form


Bill Pay from your Checking Account Initiated through your Financial Institution’s Bill Pay Service: (No Fee) Remember, your bank will mail us a paper check. Please Allow for the proper mailing time.
Online Virtual Check Payment: ($7.50 fee) Remit a payment through our website to initiate a one time check draft.  Prior bank registration is no longer required.  Payments over $10,000 not accepted by virtual check.
Wire Transfer: ($30 fee) Payoff Funds and amount over $10,000 should be received by wire. Click here for Wire Instructions.
  • Payments over $10,000 must be received by Wire Transfer to receive immediate credit. All Payoff funds must be received by wire. *
  • Cashier’s Checks for payments over $10,000 will be accepted; however, the payment will be held in our Trust Account for three business days before being credited to the account. *
  • If a personal check is received over $10,000, it will be deposited to our Trust Account and held up to 10 business days before being credited to the account. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE LARGE PAYMENTS BY PERSONAL CHECK. *


Payment Cut-off Times:

Payments received before 1:00pm PST through our website, by mail, or by wire transfer, will be credited for that day. If received after 1:00pm PST, these payments will be credited the following business day.
  • INCS is closed on weekends and all banking and postal holidays. Payments will only be credited during business hours. If your grace period ends over a weekend, your payment must be received by the close of the business day PRIOR, to avoid being assessed a late charge. *Click Here to view holiday closures.
  • Recurring Automatic Payments initiated by INCS are transmitted to the bank the business day prior to the debit date. If you need to make a change to your existing ACH, please be sure to notify us at least 2 business days in advance, in writing. If your designated ACH date falls on a weekend or holiday the payment will be credited the following business day. If this causes you to incur a late charge, you may want to consider changing the date.

*Please see our Terms of Service for more information regarding these policies and procedures.