Change an Existing Account

Thank you for your continued business with INCS. On this page you will find forms for making changes to your existing account. Be sure to include your INCS account number and signature on every form.

Please print the necessary forms, fill them out, sign them, and email, mail, or fax them to our office. As the lender, if you would like to convert your account to a True Escrow or would like to have us store your original documents, please mail them by certified mail or drop them at our office along with our completed True Escrow Form or written instructions.

All account changes need to be submitted in writing with a signature.


Change Forms:

 Direct Deposit Change Form – for lender/payee

 Automatic Payments – ACH for borrowers/payors

 Escrow Reserve Addendum – for borrowers who are opting to add reserve collections to an existing account.

 Online Access Registration – for both borrowers and lenders to establish and online password.


Reserve Account – As the borrower, if you are choosing to add reserves to your existing account, please complete the above Escrow Reserve Addendum and send it to us with the latest billing statement(s) for the impounds we will be paying. There will be a one-time fee for the establishment of this account as well as an increase in the monthly administration fee. Please see the current fee schedule.


If the lender would like to establish a reserve account, and it was not part of the initial arrangement, we will need the borrower’s signature agreeing to the change.


If you have any questions regarding these forms or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.